Easier than you think

Stop smoking with hypnosis, it’s easier than you think

The first step is knowing you want to quit.  70% of smokers want to quit.  You want to quit because:

  • you want your future to be one of energy and passion and ability to do all the things in life that bring you joy
  • you want to feel healthier, breath easier
  • you want to quit not only for your health but your loved ones health as well
  • you want to be rid of the nagging knowing of the damage you’re doing to your lungs and body with every inhale of nicotine and the 4000 other chemicals in each cigarette
  • you want to be rid of the guilt
  • mostly you want to be free of every aspect, the cost, the smell, the stigma

Why is it easier than you think by using hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind like daydreaming where you can communicate with the subconscious and create positive changes and replace the urges and desires to smoke.  The reason hypnosis is so effective is that it uses both the conscious brain, the part that knows this is a bad idea that needs to change and the subconscious brain which is the real powerhouse in making that change happen.  Using both parts of your brain, you create change easier, quicker, faster.

You may have even hypnotized yourself into believing you can’t quit the habit of smoking.  By continually telling yourself you can’t quit or that’s it’s hard to quit, you’ve created that belief in your subconscious.  This belief can be easily replaced.  The vision of your positive healthy life after your Stop Day in the relaxed state of hypnosis is the motivation for replacement.  In hypnosis, we will re-enforce the feelings of confidence and power and energy, exactly the feelings to replace negative self talk.

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