Hi!  I’m Jamie Johnson, a consulting hypnotist living in Salt Lake City, UT.  About four years ago, I moved here with my husband, Mike, cat, Dharma who just passed away, bless her heart and dog, Max the amazing Australian Shepard .  We came to ski and leave the traffic conjestion of our Kirkland, Washington home of 25 years.  What I really love is about Utah besides the super active, friendly people and neighbors is the sunshine.  Wow!  Every day, who knew?

Back to the story.  We raised our children in Washington state but they visit often.   Erin lives, works and plays in Brooklyn after graduating from the Art Institute of Chicago.  Patrick currently is living half the year in Missoula working and playing, the other half of the year he lives at the Rustler Lodge, Alta, Utah working and playing some more.

I’ve always been curious about the mind and it’s ability to change as well as it’s firm grip on wanting to stay the same, no matter if it’s harmful or boring or dangerous or completely at odds with what our heart wants.  I’ve always wondered why people clearly miserable in their circumstances don’t make changes faster.  The answer is that we need to access the powerhouse of the brain, the subconscious.

Hypnosis is a relaxed state of mind where you can introduce positive healthy changes to replace ineffective habits, habits that no longer serve you though they may once have.  These habits may not only be not useful but may be dangerous as well.


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