Stop smoking, it’s easier than you think

The very first step is knowing that you want to quit.  70% of smokers want to quit.  You want to quit for your health, for your longevity, for your loved ones health, for your self esteem and confidence.

A healthier you is a happy you.  A happier you creates the energetic, confident you you’ve always wanted to be.

Call me today if you want to experience life more completely.  Did you know that in only 48 hours from your Stop Day nerve endings start to re-grow and the ability to smell and taste improves?  Close your eyes and image smelling a apple pie coming out of the oven, ahhhh! what a wonderful thing to experience this aroma to the fullest!

Call me today if you want to feel better physically.  Did you know that in only 2 weeks to 3 months from your Stop Day circulation improves and lung function increases up to 30%?  Close your eyes, breath in and out and realize how much easier that in and out breath will be, how much more clean, pure air will be reaching your lungs in only 2 weeks from your Stop Day.

Call me today if you’re thinking about your quality of life in 5 years.  Did you know that at the 5 year point from your Stop Day lung cancer death rates for the average smoker decreases from 137 per 100,000 to 72 per 100,000 people and after 10 years to almost the rate of a person who never smoked?  Close your eyes, breath in and out and see yourself 5 years in the future, 10 years in the future.

You’re committed to your Stop Day. What’s next?

  • Call me, we’ll schedule two appointments preferably with 4-5 days of each other like say Wednesday/Monday or Friday/Tuesday
  • The first appointment is an hour and a half.  We’ll create a personal plan just for you to empower you to deal with stress, urges, cravings, triggers, social situations.  It’s an erase and replace plan with hypnosis.  Erasing the patterns and habits that aren’t serving you.  Replacing with relaxing, healthy habits that will serve you your whole life.
  • Between the first and second appointment, you will listen to a CD of empowering statements and visualizations of the new, healthy, happy you!
  • Second appointment is about an hour.  Your subconscious learns by repetition so we will repeat many of the suggestions of the first session with refinements specific to you and the previous days’ progress.

Call me, schedule an appointment or ask any questions, concerns that come to mind

2 appointments and CD for $180, subsequent sessions $60

Jamie @ 801-793-0239


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